When it comes to getting help for mental health issues, you may have to look outside the ‘big box’ of hospitals and doctors

Posted October 08, 2018 05:32:58 The mental health system is broken, and a lack of access to services is putting people at risk, a new report says.

It is a message the report released Tuesday is meant to encourage Canadians to think twice before getting help.

The report by the advocacy group Canadians for Safe Access, called ‘A Guide to Mental Health Care in Canada: The Best of What Is Available’ is the first comprehensive look at how the mental health sector is broken in Canada.

It includes findings from a national survey of mental health care providers and is the brainchild of Laura Mearns, who has worked for several years as a mental health researcher at the University of Manitoba.

“We have a broken system that needs to be addressed, and we’re not seeing the results of that,” Mears said.

Mearls said that the system is often “a little bit of a grey area.”

It can be hard to distinguish between mental health professionals and the care they provide, she said.

“What we’re seeing is there are some barriers that exist that are not well understood or well communicated.”

Mear, a clinical psychologist who has studied the mental healthcare system for over a decade, said she has seen a lot of gaps in understanding of mental illness and how it can impact people’s lives.

“I have a lot to learn about mental health, but what I do know is that the systems are working really well, but they need to be better understood,” she said, noting there are more mental health workers in Canada than ever before.

She also said there needs to more emphasis on getting mental health services to people who have mental health problems, not just those who have substance abuse problems.

“It’s a big problem when you look at it from a broader perspective.

The more mental illness you have, the more you need care.

It’s a really difficult problem to be a part of the system, because it’s very heterogeneous,” Mears said.

A survey of more than 8,000 mental health providers in Canada found that only 2 per cent of respondents had heard of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

That’s about one in three of all mental health facilities in Canada, according to the survey.

But the report says the system needs to change, saying there is still much to learn and improve.

The survey found that the majority of providers do not have a professional staff person, and that “many are struggling to make ends meet on a day-to-day basis.”

A quarter of respondents reported that they do not know who is qualified to be an expert in mental health.

Many mental health staff are inexperienced and are not trained in what they do, said the report, which says it’s critical that health professionals are paid for their expertise and experience.

Mental health professionals have a long history of dealing with people who are experiencing mental health concerns, and the problem is “deep and pervasive,” said the study, which was released by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The researchers say there is a need for more mental healthcare workers in mental healthcare facilities, and they recommend “that health workers be paid a living wage and be provided with job security.”

They also recommended that mental health practitioners be offered a “proportionate share of the revenue raised through the sale of mental healthcare services.”

“Many providers are struggling and have limited resources, but we need them to be paid for what they’re doing,” said Mear.

The study also recommends the federal government provide a minimum wage for mental healthcare staff, and provide support for those who need it most, such as those with a disability or learning disabilities.

“In addition to a living minimum wage, mental health and addiction professionals should be able to receive paid time off for family or work, and be able use the same benefits that are available to all other workers in the public sector,” the report said.

It also recommends more training for health professionals, which it says is lacking in Canada right now.

The authors also recommend that the federal health minister work with mental health health professionals to address the lack of training, and better educate providers on the role of mental disorders in health.

The issue is “not as urgent as it seems to be right now,” Merens said, and it’s important to keep pushing forward with “urgent and timely reforms to the mental care system.”

The report is one of many that have been released over the last year, including an official report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and a report from Health Canada.

The RCMP has been looking into a number of health care issues in the past year.

Health Canada is also looking at a number issues with the mental-health system, and has launched a study on mental health in the workplace.

“A lot of it is about the perception of mental-disorder services, and in particular, mental-

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