How to create an Instagram style blog template

I love how simple and easy it is to create a stylish blog with Instagram.

You just need a few basic templates and a couple of templates for the main blog posts and posts with a bit of flair.

There’s an app called Instagram Style Blog which you can use for that.

Here’s a step by step guide for you to start using Instagram Style blog template in your blog, too.


Choose the theme of your blog post.

I’ve decided to use a simple and straightforward blog theme called “Blog Name” which is easy to understand.

In my blog post, I’ve named it “How to Build a Blog with Instagram Style”.

You can change this theme to anything you want if you want, like my example post.


Create a new template with Instagram’s template editor.

Click on the “Edit” button on the bottom right corner of your Instagram blog.


Click “Save Template”.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, sign up for one here.


Enter the title of your template.

The title is your tagline and should be something like this: How to build a blog with the Instagram Style template.

It should look something like:  How to build the Instagram blog with a simple theme with a tagline like this.

How can I make this blog theme?

The answer to this question depends on the template you’re using, so here’s how I recommend you choose the theme for your blog.

You can read my blog posts about building blogs in general here.


Save the template. 

Click “Save”.


Click on “Done”.

Your blog will be saved in the same folder as your blog posts.


Once the template is saved, you’ll see a notification on your blog page.


You should be able to see a new post in your “posts” list.


Click the “More” button.


The new post will appear in your posts list.

I like to have a single post in my blog, so it will show up in the sidebar of my blog.

It also shows up in my posts section when I create posts in my Instagram blog template.


The blog post will automatically appear in the Instagram feed.


The post will have the tagline “How can you build a blogging style blog with an Instagram theme?”.


The tagline should look like this, if you like: You should add a title, and a tag line to the title.

It’s important to include a tag name if you don,t want your blog to get forgotten.


Click Save.


The page will load your new blog post into your Instagram feed and your posts will show in the post-viewer.


If you want to have your post show up next to other posts, you can click on the little icon next to each post. 

The icon shows you the total number of views for that post.

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