Facebook: A ‘gig’ for your blog?

Facebook, which has just been acquired by Yahoo, is offering to buy a tiny blog platform that’s just a few lines of code from the one you write every day.

The tiny blog, Tiny Blogger, has been created by a team of designers from Facebook, and is designed to fit inside a tiny space and can be shared with a tiny audience.

It’s not quite the blogging platform you use every day, but it’s not going to take your job any more.

“The Tiny Bloggers are a tiny platform that can easily fit inside your laptop or tablet, and you can share them with a small audience,” the site explains.

The Tiny Blogging Platform has just launched in the App Store, and will be available to download from Friday.

Facebook’s Tiny Blog is available to buy for $5.99, or for $10.99 for the full set of Tiny Blogers.

You can see the Tiny Blog in action below: Facebook’s first Tiny Blog was a simple little text blog that you could edit.

It was all in a single button, and it’s easy to share with a few friends.

Tiny Blogs were a big hit in 2014 when Facebook bought a company called Tiny.

Tiny, which was spun out of the blogging giant Zynga, had a very simple and simple approach to its mission: to provide the easiest way to get your content out there.

Tiny was built on the premise that people like to share and share frequently, and so that’s the approach they’ve taken with their platform.

“There are some people that think that they can write the blog themselves, but that’s not really how they do it, and that’s kind of why they’ve focused on the Tiny blogging platform,” said David Flanders, a product manager at Tiny.

“That was a good idea from the beginning.”

Facebook bought Tiny in 2015 for $1.2 billion, and its product management team is now called Tiny Team.

Its current focus is on creating the next generation of Tiny.

Like other social platforms, Facebook has had a difficult time attracting content, and the company is currently struggling to build a product that’s popular enough to generate a lot of traffic.

“It’s a difficult market to get into, because people aren’t necessarily looking for an easy-to-use platform,” Flanders said.

Facebook has been trying to fix this problem by making its products and services easier to use.

Facebook lets users edit their posts, so users don’t need to be in a blog or website to share their content.

For example, Facebook’s Stories feature lets you post photos or videos of yourself, friends, or any other person or thing.

It also allows you to post comments to other posts and other people’s posts, and lets you edit your own posts.

Facebook says the platform will be easier to find, more accessible, and more fun to use because the Tiny Platform will only be able to store a small amount of data on the site.

Facebook is also making it easier for people to add friends, but the service won’t allow you to add other people to a group.

It doesn’t make sense for Facebook to keep track of your friends and their posts on its site, and Flanders says it won’t be able do that for a long time.

The app is designed for mobile devices, but Facebook has said that it will eventually make it available on desktop computers and tablets.

“I think it’s a really good fit for us,” Fames said.

“Because we’re focused on mobile, we’re going to continue to look at this platform in the context of the mobile-first model.”

Facebook’s mobile apps have been a mixed bag.

Its original Facebook mobile app was designed for phones and tablets, but was quickly overshadowed by the iPhone and Android apps.

Facebook was forced to update its mobile apps in 2017 to improve on the mobile experiences of those apps, and now the company has the platform it needs to make its mobile platform a great fit for people who want a simpler way to share.

“Mobile has been a really hard platform to build and a really difficult platform to scale,” Famas said.

He said that the mobile platform is built on a foundation of “a lot of hard work” by Facebook’s team, but he said it will be “a very long journey”.

“We are really excited to be part of that journey,” Fares said.

You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.

Tiny’s Facebook app will be able access all of the Tiny platform’s data, but users will have to login on their own.

Facebook doesn’t want anyone logging in to their account.

Fames says the company doesn’t have a timeline for when it will allow users to log in, but says it will continue to support Tiny for a while.

“We’re really excited about Tiny,” Fries said.

Tiny is free to download for anyone with an

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