How Bangladesh blogger bloggers killed: What we know

What we do know about the murder of Bangladeshi blogger Baitul Islam: Bangladesh is one of the most repressive and repressive countries in the world.

It has long been home to many political prisoners, including bloggers and journalists, as well as those who expose the government’s corruption.

Last year, the country’s top court convicted four bloggers of murder for the murder and rape of a 22-year-old woman, Ankitul Islam.

BangLadesh’s bloggers are also at the forefront of efforts to combat corruption.

The government has cracked down on many bloggers and those who work for them.

They have faced criminal charges and even been prosecuted for crimes, including the killing of Ankitun Islam, the victim of the blogger’s murder.

But, it has also cracked down aggressively on the bloggers who report on corruption and violence in the country.

This has led to a number of bloggers being arrested.

In August, bloggers in the capital, Dhaka, were arrested and put on trial for violating the penal code.

The trial was postponed after a series of setbacks.

Banglaras bloggers are under threat.

The country has been rocked by a series the deadly 2013 attack on a popular popular shopping mall in Dhaka.

The blogger, Muhammad Ali, was shot dead in front of his family by unidentified gunmen who stormed the mall and fired on the crowd, killing two people and wounding more than 100 others.

The attackers were later killed.

The attackers were killed by security forces, who were later accused of covering up the killings and using excessive force.

In October 2014, a Bangladeshasan blogger, Reham Khan, was killed by unidentified assailants outside her home in Dhakar.

The police said the attack was politically motivated, but Khan’s family and others have accused the police of using a witch hunt.

In March 2016, an alleged Bangladesha war crimes convict, Abdul Hossain, was found hanged in his jail cell.

Police said they suspected Hossains crimes included murder, torture, sexual violence and rape.

They arrested him and charged him with crimes including murder, rape, kidnapping and conspiracy.

There is a high risk that a number or all of the bloggers involved in the murder will be killed, the authorities say.

This is not the first time a blogger has been killed in Bangladesh.

In March 2016 a number and the last three of the countrys top bloggers, Rekha Shahid and Shahid Khan, were murdered by unknown assailants.

After the murders, activists demanded an independent investigation into the killings, and that the government investigate all bloggers involved, including those who report corruption.

But in August 2016, Bangladesh’s Supreme Court ordered an independent inquiry into the deaths of the three bloggers, and the government suspended its investigation.

But the authorities still insist they will not reopen the investigation.

It is also not the only time the country has seen a wave of political violence, especially since the 2013 killing of Muhammad Ali.

In September 2016, more than 20,000 people took to the streets of Dhaka and elsewhere to protest against the government, and over 100 people were killed.

This led to the suspension of the elections in October 2016, and several activists were jailed for protesting.

Another group of bloggers was also killed last year.

The death of one of them, blogger and activist Jashidur Rahman, in December 2016 sparked outrage across the country, as hundreds of people marched through the streets to demand his release.

The activist and blogger was reportedly killed while trying to save his girlfriend from being sexually assaulted by a group of men.

Critics say the killings are part of a wider crackdown on criticism of the government and a crackdown on freedom of expression.

While the authorities have blamed the protests on the protest movement, it is hard to say who is responsible for the killings.

Several prominent Bangladesh bloggers have also been murdered in the past, including journalist and human rights activist Ghulam Mustafa.

The case of blogger and human right activist Shubham Sajid was recently closed.

A prominent journalist, Shukri Ahmed, was also gunned down in December 2015 in the southern state of Assam.

Ahmed was the founder and editor of a newspaper that had previously been critical of the authorities.

In April 2016, his wife, Ghulapuddin, was murdered in a violent attack by unknown gunmen who had attacked her home.

Many other bloggers have been killed over the years.

In June 2012, writer and human-rights activist Ahmed Ali was murdered on his way to a public meeting with other bloggers, including Shubhan Sajids wife, during a visit to a school.

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