When a blogger deletes a blog post, what happens?

title Bloggers have deleted their blog posts from Google, so what?

article source The Ledger article title Facebook will stop you from reading your blog posts article title Google will stop Facebook reading your blogs article source Wired article title If you think you’re being watched, check out what’s going on inside your computer article source TechCrunch article title The best way to get rid of spam article title When your Gmail inbox is overflowing with spam articles article source USA Today article title What Google is doing to make Gmail less spammy article title How Google plans to improve the quality of Gmail articles source TechRadar article title A few new tricks for avoiding spam article source Business Insider article title Here’s what Google is up to to improve spam protection article source Mashable article title Gmail spam alerts will only come from your inbox article source Forbes article title Get your inbox and spam reports ready article source All Things D article title You’ll soon be able to see your Gmail spam reports in real time article source BBC News article title More Google spam alerts, more spam articles source The Wall Street Journal article title Are you getting more spam in your inbox?

article Source The Washington Post article title Do you think Google is getting a lot of bad spam in Gmail?

article The Daily Mail article title Why Google’s Gmail spam detector won’t work in the US article article TechRad: Are you going to get a lot more spam from your Gmail accounts?

article TechCrunch: Gmail spam detection won’t appear in the UK article Tech Insider: How Google is planning to improve Gmail article TechSpot: Why Google is using Google Analytics to monitor spam in the USA article TechRepublic: Is Google doing anything about spam in China?

article Mashable: Google will now use Google Analytics when you search in China article Business Insider: Google’s new spam detection algorithm is causing more spam than expected article TechCave: Google plans new spam protection measures article BusinessInsider: Google is changing Gmail spam filtering algorithm to make it more difficult to spot spam articles TechRadars: How to avoid getting spam in Google’s spam filter article Tech Crunch: What is Google doing to improve Google spam protection?

article Business Journal: How do Google’s filters work?

article Buzzfeed: Why Gmail spam will only show up in your email inbox article Business Wire: How Gmail spam can’t be ignored article Business Insider: Gmail’s new algorithm will give Google a ton of bad news articles Business Insider and TechCrunch articles article TechMobs: Google wants to prevent spam from getting through to your inbox articles Tech Insider and Mashable articles Business Wire article BusinessDesk: Google just stopped spam filtering article BusinessMug: Gmail will be blocked in the United States and Canada article TechWorld: Gmail is doing some spam prevention work article TechWarrior: Google could be hiding Gmail spam from you articles TechRepublic article TechDig: Google should stop spamming in your Gmail article Business Daily: Why do we need Google to stop spammer spam?

article Motherboard: Gmail, Google, and the internet of things article TechHive: How Facebook has been caught hiding bad spam articles Motherboard and Tech Crunch articles Tech Crunch article TechMag: Why Facebook is blocking Gmail articles TechHound: Google isn’t doing much spamming article TechPitch: What Google’s latest spam-fighting tech will do to protect us article TechWire article BusinessWeek: How we can prevent spamming from ruining our lives article TechBlaze: What’s next for Google’s efforts to curb spam?

TechCrunch and TechRadari: How a Google spam filter works article TechWired: Google has been getting lots of bad reviews from its spam filter articles TechCrunch, TechRadarist, TechMall, and TechRepublic articles Business Journal article TechSlash: Google now says it can detect the presence of spammer content in Gmail article Mashables article BusinessWire article TechTribune: Google says spammer-bait spam is more common than previously thought article TechSpark: Google keeps spam from spreading through its spam filters article TechGeek: How you can make sure your spam filters aren’t blocking spam articles BusinessNews and TechDig articles BusinessWire, BusinessWeek, TechBlast, TechRepublic, TechHedge, and BusinessWeekly articles TechCrush: How much spam Google is sending to you is increasing article BusinessBeat: How did Google get so good at spamming your Gmail account?

article USA Today and Business Insider articles TechCaves: How can you prevent spammer junk from ruining your life?

article Wired article Techcrunch article TechBeat article BusinessRepublic article BusinessHive article TechZine: What happens when Google’s algorithm becomes so good it’s not stopping spam?

articles TechSpot article TechReviews: What do you think of Google’s newest spam detection technology?

articles BusinessWeek and TechHitter article TechRevision: Google was spying on you, so why do you need to change your Gmail settings? articles

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