Kids blogging platform,kid blogging service to launch

By Laura A. Williams-Munoz and Jennifer L. Dutton , Business Insider/Business Insider, 17 May 2018 05:00:22The site has announced plans to open its doors to families in the United States.

The service, which is similar to Blogger in its content, will offer parents the ability to post and share kid blogs for their children to read, with the option to monetize the posts. 

The platform, which was launched in the UK in March, will also allow parents to create and manage their own kid blogs. 

“We are incredibly excited to bring this platform to families across the US, and to offer parents a new way to share their stories with their kids,” the KidBloggers blog said in a blog post. 

According to the blog post, will be available in the US in the coming weeks.

The site will offer both free and paid plans. 

In the US KidBloggedom will feature two primary modes, Kidblogging and KidBloggable. 

Kidblogging, for parents, will allow parents the option of creating a kid blog, and the ability for the parent to monetise their posts through the Kid Blogger dashboard. 

To monetize KidBlogGable, the KidGable app will let parents manage their child blogs for the purposes of advertising and selling. 

While KidBloggs blog will be open to all, is currently the only Kid Blogging site available to the public. 

This is the second time KidGabs has launched in America.

In February, launched in California, bringing to the US.

The app launched in February, as well., which launched in August, allows parents to upload photos, videos, and other content to their kid blogs and then share the content to other KidLovers. 

As a KidBloger, allows parents and their child to submit and share videos, photos, and videos of their kids, which will be shared with other KidBos. also launched in October, and in December. and are currently available only to the general public.

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