How to start blogging again?

By Nancy Reynolds, blogger and founder of Nancy Reynolds Blogger and Blogger Nation, the first blog she ever wrote, Nancy’s experience as a single mom has been a big motivator to start her own blog.

Nancy was able to start writing about her experience, and to inspire others who have gone through similar situations, in an attempt to help other single moms.

“It was my hope that by sharing my story and sharing my experience, it would inspire other single mothers, as well,” she says.

“It was really inspiring to me to hear so many women, and women who are just starting to feel the effects of divorce and divorce crisis, say, ‘I’m not alone, and I’m not going to give up.’

I was so grateful for that.”

In 2013, Nancy started writing a weekly column for the local paper, The Times-Call, about her experiences as a newly single mother.

The column became a best seller, and eventually was picked up by the National Public Radio.

The National Public is an American public radio station that broadcasts in English and Spanish, and it broadcasts on public radio stations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

“I started out with just my experience as an unmarried mother, and the fact that I was doing the same thing as the rest of the women in the public,” she explains.

“That’s when I started to write a lot of the stories that I did in the columns, and in my blog.”

When she started writing her blog in February 2014, she was inspired by the popularity of a website called, which helps single moms get help with their blogs.

She found the service through a friend who was a member, and she quickly made friends with several members of the staff.

She was able, she says, to get a lot done on her blog, and found that the support and encouragement she was receiving from the staff was invaluable.

“My friends, they were supportive, they told me that they were happy to help, and they were always there,” she recalls.

The blog has been the driving force behind her blogging career, and her experience has inspired her to continue to do it.

“For me, blogging is a lot like therapy,” she adds.

“You have to have a healthy relationship with yourself and the other people you’re writing about.”

She’s also started to see her blog as a way to share her experiences, even if they’re personal.

“People will read my posts, and when I share them, they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, this is me, too,’ and then they’ll say things like, [that] they don’t know me, or they have very personal experiences,” she notes.

“There’s a huge difference in the way people see and how people feel when you tell their story.

We’re not perfect. “

We want to show people that we’re human, and we have feelings, and that we have weaknesses.

We’re not perfect.

That’s what’s really exciting to me.”

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