How to create your own new style

article LISABEL, Belgium — For fashion blogger Romana, the idea of making a statement is no longer the sole responsibility of her personal style blog.

Rather, the blogger now wants to create a personal brand that she can share with the world, with the help of Instagram.

“I don’t want to create my own style.

I want to have a style,” Romana said.

“I want to be known by my own words.

I need a name that I can use on Instagram.

And I’m doing my best to get there.

I’ve been using Instagram to share my photos with the whole world, but it’s also a way to find a community of people who can support me.

And also a place to find people who like what I’m trying to do.”

Romana, a 31-year-old from Belgium, is part of the growing online fashion community, which has blossomed in recent years with thousands of designers, bloggers and fashion editors sharing their work online.

The site, which is called, launched last fall, and now has more than 2 million users worldwide, according to the company.

The site has helped Romana get noticed and be heard.

For example, her Instagram posts, which have racked up more than 12 million views in the past three years, are shared more than three times more often than her own posts, according the company, which also lists Romana as an “expert contributor.”

“I’ve had so many beautiful clients over the past few years who’ve asked me for advice on their style, and I’ve learned a lot,” Romano said.

“And so the more I do this, the more it just becomes part of me, which I think is really nice.”

Romano is not the only one who wants to make her style a name.

In fact, the number of fashion bloggers using Instagram as their primary way of communicating their style has risen exponentially in recent months.

The popularity of the site and the increased visibility of the fashion industry has allowed many fashion bloggers to connect directly with their fans through the site, without having to resort to blogs and other social media platforms.

For Romana and other fashion bloggers, Instagram has helped them create their own style, but also helped them connect with others who share similar values.

“It’s really a great place to connect with people.

I think it’s really important to show a positive face, so that people feel comfortable enough to give you a compliment,” Romanias mother, Joanne, said.

Romana has already started creating her own style on Instagram, sharing her creations on Instagram and Instagram Stories, which she also created for her mother, but only recently began posting on her own account.

“A lot of people don’t really know that fashion is a social network, but Instagram really is,” Romanana said of the platform.

“So it’s very important that you’re a part of that community.”

Romanias style was inspired by a style that her mother created.

Her mother made a simple, bright and modern look inspired by Italian women, and her father used her own clothes, including her mother’s, to create his own design.

“He said he wanted a style like mine,” Romannias mother said.

Her mother’s style is now being shared across the globe, and she said her own image is the only thing that remains the same.

“Now that I’m on Instagram I feel more confident,” Romanna said.

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