What if you could change your Facebook status from ‘unread’ to ‘unshared’?

Hacker News user annabelles fleur, a writer for the popular web design site The Fadometer, has published a new piece entitled What if Facebook changed the way it handles status updates?

The piece is entitled “Facebook: Unread status update, unshared status update,” and is titled in part “Unread status, unread status.”

Fleur, who has written about the tech industry for a long time, explains the “unread status” status as follows: Status updates are the most important part of a social media campaign.

The way to do it is to get the person to open up to you, show you their real life experiences, or to let you know what they are working on.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it is important to get to know the person well enough to be a partner, investor, or customer.

Status updates should not only tell you about the progress of your project, but also the progress that the person has made, whether they’re going to finish it, if they’ve been working hard, or if they are just trying to keep up with their work.

Status update should also be an invitation to follow up with them.

I think there’s a real disconnect between the way people view status updates and the way they view the things that are shared.

It is a bit like asking a barista to leave a cup of coffee sitting for you.

You know they’re in a good mood, but if they don’t want to leave it sitting there for you, it’s probably not going to be that great of a cup.

If it’s not that great, why would you want to share it?

Status updates on Facebook have always been about the things shared by the people who are following you, so it’s understandable that they’re often not the things people are really interested in sharing.

When it comes to a status update on Facebook, you’re talking about a bunch of different things.

It might be the status of your company, or the progress you’ve made, or even the things you’re currently working on and which are most important to you.

It’s the most common thing to share.

It makes sense, in a sense, because you can’t share something that you’re not passionate about because it might hurt the people following you.

If I was working on my own startup, it would be really hard to get people to share my status update because the status updates I receive are often very vague, which can be very frustrating.

Status Updates on Facebook can be extremely valuable, because they can help people identify potential competitors.

It can be a good way to get your company recognized.

But the best way to keep your status updated is to keep a high profile, to make sure you’re making a good impression.

The reason status updates on your status page are important is that they give you a sense of status.

When people see your status update that says “follow me,” they immediately want to follow you.

So when I was at The Fader, I’d post a status that said “follow @thefader,” because that’s what people wanted to see.

They would see me, and they’d think, “That’s interesting, but how did I get here?”

When people don’t have that level of confidence that they can actually follow you, that can be pretty discouraging.

Fleur adds that this “unseen” status update has a lot of power.

She writes: If you want people to follow your account, then you have to build up that trust.

This is the reason why status updates are so important.

If the status update says, “I’m working on this” it’s easy to follow.

But if it says, I’m working with a client, or I’m doing something special, it can be quite hard to follow someone who is just following them for the status.

Status changes can also be good for business.

They are very easy to understand and understand the value of.

So it is not only a great way to help your company get recognition, it also can help you make better decisions.

Fleurs comments on the way status updates can be manipulated: I think people often confuse the difference between a status post and a status.

A status post is a post that people can click on, but it doesn’t mean that the post is going to happen.

A post on Twitter is a status which is not clickable, and it doesn´t mean that it is going go viral.

There are a lot more important things to share than a status, and a post on Facebook has more importance than a post you can click and read.

Fleury says that she believes that status updates have a lot to offer: Facebook allows people to see what other people are doing.

A lot of the time, people don´t realize that their status is being shared.

If they do realize that they are being shared, then they can immediately make better decision making decisions.

Facebook has also given

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