When ‘New York Fashion Week’ is ‘just a bunch of people doing silly stuff’: An interview with the fashion blogger who’s running NYFW

New York Fashion week is just a bunch.

But for Tania Fashion blogger Jessica Rive, it’s a way to reconnect with her audience and make connections with people who are different.

“When you’re going to go out there and just hang out and make new connections, it makes it feel like a different kind of festival, and it’s also a really good time for us to celebrate our friends, and to celebrate all the amazing people who we love,” Rive said.

She’s not alone.

Fashion blogger Jennifer Wojcicki is also taking a break from the weekend to celebrate her favorite festival of the year.

“It’s a great way to connect with people and share a lot of great stories,” she said.

“And I think it’s really, really fun to see what people are doing.

I think I would love to see the same thing happen with the Fashion Week.”

Wojczicki, who has worked at the New York City department store for four years, said the fashion week has become an increasingly important time to meet with people.

“I’ve been at this for three years and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen this many people around at once,” she added.

“That’s the challenge for me.

If I was to just take my usual work day, which is pretty boring, I’d be in a rush to get there.”

Wozniak also said the festival has been a lot more social and productive than she expected.

“A lot of the conversations I’ve had in the festival have been really positive, and we have been able to share a few more stories with people, and I think that’s really gratifying,” she explained.

The fashion week, Woznicki said, is a way for designers to show off their latest creations and to meet people who share their same passion.

“We are not the ones who are selling the fashion, so we are not getting paid for it, and so we can get to know people in a more intimate way, and maybe we can find some common ground that will be interesting to us,” she continued.

For Rive and Wojcinik, the week also offers the opportunity to share experiences that are unique to them, as well as share some of their favorite outfits.

“For me, New York is kind of a new thing for me,” Rives said.

“[The Fashion Week] is kind to be able to be around and to connect and just really see the people I love, and share that.”

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