The Best of TechCrunch, a week in tech news

Posted September 05, 2018 08:24:07 A week ago, TechCrunch laid off a bunch of staff.

And today, the site’s flagship tech news site is out of business.

The company said Thursday that it will shutter its flagship tech column, the TechCrunch Daily newsletter, as well as its online version of the newsletter, the Blogger Archives.

“After a thorough review of our strategy, we decided that the business of TechCrunch is not sustainable, and we are closing TechCrunch,” the company said in a statement.

“As part of this process, we will be shutting down the Bloggers Archives and the Techcrunch Daily.”

The decision to shut down the archives comes amid a larger effort to focus on content, Techcrush editor-in-chief Andrew Chen wrote in a blog post Thursday.

The blog said it’s a way for the site to provide a more curated, less-skewed look at what’s going on in the tech industry, rather than a site dedicated to “celebrating a few big names and their gadgets.”

It added that the decision to do so is “the right one.”

For TechCrunch to survive, the company will need to get more diverse, more relevant content, Chen said.

The decision is a blow to those who came before it.

For years, TechCrush had a relatively young, female, male-dominated staff of staff, with fewer than a handful of women at the site.

It’s also a huge departure from the traditional tech press that TechCrunch has long relied on to have its coverage of the tech community and tech industry in general.

TechCrunch’s new CEO, Andy Rubin, took over in February after the site announced its decision to close the blogs and shut down its website.

Rubin said he was confident that the tech press would survive in the face of a tough future.

“I don’t see any reason to doubt that they will survive,” Rubin told TechCrunch last year.

“It’s the fact that there are more voices than ever, more voices now, and they’re being listened to.”

The new CEO has promised to improve the quality of the blog, including making it more relevant to the community of Techcrushes readers, as TechCrunch itself has done with its tech articles over the years.

But the blog has been a huge source of revenue for the company, which has lost over $1 billion in annual revenue since it was founded.

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