Microsoft to offer a new “Smart Keyboard” for Windows 10

Microsoft will soon offer a smart keyboard that will work on any Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Mobile device, and the new Surface.

The company announced a new keyboard, the Microsoft Smart Keyboard, on Wednesday, in a blog post.

Microsoft plans to sell the keyboard as part of a “Windows 10 Smart Keyboard bundle,” which includes the keyboard and a controller for Windows, Windows Mixed Reality, and Cortana.

This keyboard will work across devices, including PCs, tablets, and HoloLens.

The new Microsoft Smart keyboard will offer an additional option for people with limited keyboard space, such as parents or caregivers who need a small amount of space to type quickly.

Microsoft has previously shown off a “small keyboard” that can fit a keyboard and the Surface.

That keyboard, which can be found in Microsoft’s Xbox One lineup, was not available for purchase at launch.

The Surface has the ability to run Microsoft Office apps on the keyboard, as well as the ability for Microsoft to add its own apps to the keyboard.

Microsoft’s new Microsoft Surface keyboard will not be sold individually, though the company says the keyboard will be available for sale as part a Windows 10 Smart Bundle.

The Microsoft Smart Keyboard is a combination of Microsoft’s Surface keyboard, a controller, and a Windows Hello app.

Microsoft said that it has tested the keyboard on more than 3 million devices, and that it works with all Windows 10 PCs, Surface tablets, HoloLens headsets, and Microsoft HoloLens accessories.

Microsoft also said that the keyboard has the capacity to support more than 400 characters per side.

Microsoft previously said that Microsoft has not made a commitment to offer an app that supports the Microsoft Surface Keyboard, and it will not, at this time, offer the keyboard to customers outside of the Windows Insider Program.

Microsoft is offering a free trial of the Microsoft Microsoft SmartKeyboard, and also plans to provide the keyboard at retail for $49.99.

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