Which sites are paying bloggers for advertising? | AdSense

The amount of time spent on adsense-powered sites is on the rise, with ad revenue expected to grow by 25% this year, according to research from ad agency KPMG.

AdSense revenue grew 13% last year, KPMB said in a new report, with the average monthly income of ad revenue sites rising from $0.17 to $0 and total revenue up from $1.8 billion to $3.1 billion.

In the first quarter of this year alone, the amount of ad-supported content on those sites grew by 9%.

“Adsense has been an incredible growth engine,” said Joe Vigalani, vice president of ad strategy at KPM, in a statement.

“The combination of ad support and organic growth has been the driving force behind growth and the value of our revenue growth over the past three years.”

According to the KPMGs research, the average ad-driven website is worth $0, with more than 80% of the sites earning more than $1,000.

That is not including the $2 billion in revenue generated by mobile advertising.KPMG said it is a “big deal” that most of these sites are making money, with 80% reporting revenue growth.

KPMBs revenue growth is “expected to continue to be higher,” Vigelani said.

Advertisers spend on ad-based content for two main reasons, according Vigele: to get paid for the clicks and to increase awareness of the ad.

“It’s a big deal for marketers because they can reach a lot of people,” Viggalani said, adding that the sites are also making money by creating more brand awareness and reaching more people.

“Advertisers are now seeing ads as the most compelling product to reach people,” he said.

Kudos to KPM for reaching out to ad-serving platforms and finding a way to grow revenue from them.

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